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Every Sunday

11 am - Morning Worship
Sunday Worship is the focus of our life together.
We blend the traditional with modern and absolutely everyone is welcome!

What We Do

We offer friendship and hope to the people of Port Talbot, and we also extend those values further afield.

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How We Can Help

Most people search for something better in their lives; often thinking that if only they could get a better job, settle into a more meaningful relationship or make more money then they will be happy. That might work for some but it doesn’t for most. There are many who know there is still something missing in their lives.

Here at Riverside, we believe that God has already shown his love to us in Jesus and that we will never achieve true contentment, until we find for ourselves the God who created us and until we begin to experience his peace and love filling our lives.

We want to point to the hope that only God can give and to help forge the links between people and God so that lives can be changed.

We encourage others to join us on that journey and to explore what we can learn together.

Riverside Baptist Church
Offering Friendship and Hope to the people of Port Talbot, South Wales

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